Over 40 years experience

Gasparro srl was found in 1973 as a small craft business for formwork construction and cement prefabricated. Thanks to our qualified personnel and huge investments too, we increase our offer and we specialized on special machines design on customers request. Gasparro srl now offer: advice, machines design and construction destined to industrial production on customer request, formwork and steel quarterdecks for advanced cement prefabrication and heavy and medium weight steel structure. We are also specialized on plate’s processing and we are able to do working of torch cutting, plasma’s cutbacks, smoothing, shearing and bending, with 300 tons  availability of warehouse.


Thanks to the continue R&D and highly qualified personnel too, we are able to satisfy any customers request.
Customer satisfaction is for Gasparro srl the most important value and we offer to them reliability and an extremely satisfactory price/quality ratio of our products.

  • Advice, for customer satisfaction
  • Design service
  • We produce machines for industrial production on customer request
  • We produce formwork, steel quarterdecks and heavy and medium weight steel structure
  • We are able to satisfy every customers request

Why choose us

Experience - 40 years
Qualified Personnel
Price/Quality ratio

Heart of Company


Gian Paolo Gasparro


Email: info@gasparro.it
Tel: +39 (0861) 700223

  • Technical director
  • Quality manager
  • Welding coordinator
  • Technical office personnel
  • Production Responsible, Maintenance responsible, Buyer

Ambra Lorenza Ricci

Amministratrice / Rapporti Esteri

Email: info@gasparro.it 
Tel: +39 (0861) 700223

  • Excecutive director
  • Security manager
  • Rappresentate di Direzione
  • Addetta all’Amministrazione

... and more


We constantly do new research to take advantage from best technologies


We are in continuous training to guarantee an highly-qualified personnel to satisfy any client’s request


We use passion in our works to guarantee our customers satisfaction and to increase our company.


We are able to offer advice, planning and construction.


Our design organisation enable us to study and to estimate all equipment for advanced building site


We made investment on increasingly technological and faster machines to satisfy all customers request.